• The Brand Process begins with the Strategic Discovery Session (SDS) where Brand and client leaders, as well as other key experts and influencers, are locked in a room for up to three days. It yields passionate, revealing discussions and a massive information dump that help us determine who your brand will be, what it will stand for and what it will become.

  • Brand digs deep into all of the SDS outcomes and identifies the values, the personality attributes, the purpose, the motivations –
    all of the essential qualities and conditions that define and breathe life into your brand. The result is a “person” with a heart and a soul, with the sensibilities and the humanity necessary to create and sustain meaningful, valuable relationships. The ultimate extension of the stage is for you, the client, to fully embrace this person and empower its spirit to drive not only the brand, but also your company.

  • To paraphrase Nietzsche, “a person without a plan is not a person.” Once we have created the heart and soul of your brand, we concentrate on its mind. This stage determines the goals your brand wants to achieve and exactly how it will succeed in the marketplace and the world. Our Strategic Development and Marketing Plan informs your brand with the individual intelligence, acumen, ambition and resolve to fulfill its purpose and realize its goals. It’s the mind that empowers the spirit, the plan that makes the person authentic.

  • What distinguishes one person from the others in the crowd?
    What gives that person the charisma that attracts the attention
    and compels the interest of others. What differentiates a cultural outcast from a cultural icon?

    Part of the answer lies in the hundreds of personal attributes and preferences that combine to create a unique appearance, voice, attitude, style and a certain je ne se quoi that pushes the right emotional buttons. Part of it lies in the substance and the value
    that person brings to each relationship. And the rest of it lies in how that person chooses to live life.

    We create the physical assets that embody your brand’s heart, soul and mind. They incorporate and emanate your brand’s unique character, its essential differences and benefits, its compelling messages, its personal choices. They open the door to the relationships to come.

  • Relationships cannot be begged, borrowed or purchased.
    They must be built carefully, step by step, from the ground
    up, over time. Without presence, there can be no contact.
    Without contact, there can be no communication. Without communication, there can be no connection. Without
    connection, there can be no interaction. Without interaction,
    there can be no trust. Without trust, the relationships you’ve worked so diligently to build will be nothing more than a series
    of Tweets.

    We empower your brand to create and earn trust relationships that mean something and have real value to you and your customers. When you and your customers trust each other, you no longer have to make a leap of faith to take the relationship to the next level.

  • Of course, no two brands are alike. But there’s no denying that almost every brand we create works in sales and service. We
    love sales and your brand will, too. We develop irresistible offers, inventive promotions and bulletproof tactics. We enable your brand to deliver beyond expectations. We create a peak brand experience that turns consumers into customers, customers into believers and believers into loyal allies.

  • When your brand is imbued with human qualities and
    conditions, it’s always changing and growing. There’s
    always more to do, more to learn and another road
    to travel. And of course, it’s never satisfied and can
    always do better.

    We constantly evaluate your brand’s performance to make sure it’s on schedule, according to plan and on the right track. We never stop looking for new ways to make the best use of its assets and resources, to optimize brand performance. We prepare your brand to confront and transcend challenges, and emerge even stronger than before.

  • In a world that now revolves around the human relationship, it’s not enough for a brand to simply show up in the marketplace, demand attention and start taking orders. A brand has to be someone – someone credible, someone interesting, someone meaningful, someone worthy of a relationship. Consumers are human and humans relate to humanity – all of the qualities and conditions of being human. Without humanity, a brand cannot truly understand, empathize and relate to consumers. It cannot be invited to share that personal space where wants, needs and desires are kept. It cannot get close enough to consumers to earn their trust, create ties that bind and become an integral part of their lives. Without humanity, a brand is just another logo on the shelf, another object for sale in the marketplace among thousands of other inanimate objects. We discover, nurture and actualize the humanity in your brand. We integrate these qualities and conditions throughout the life of your brand in every consumer contact, communication, connection and interaction. We engage your brand in a lifetime of genuine, fulfilling, human relationships. We create more than a something consumers want to buy. We create a someone consumers want to know.