• It may sound simple, but some company websites do not feature a contact page.

    y u no contact

    If a customer can't find your company's contact information, they will probably not use your services. Make getting in touch with your company as simple as possible to maximize client communication efforts.

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  • The people at Vine won't be happy about this. On Thursday, Instagram announced that it will be enabling users to shoot 15-second videos, which can be filtered much like the pictures that has made this social media platform so popular.

    instagram video

    What do you think of Instagram's move to video? Will it take away from what made the service so popular in the first place?

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  • When advertising collides with entertainment, “advertainment” is what you get and it is taking over traditionally marketing avenues. There's a reason it's becoming so popular so quickly: people are increasingly media savvy, and old-fashioned “buy this product because” advertising doesn't work the way it did in the past. In the era of YouTube, advertainment rules.

    And no brand advertains better than Red Bull.

    Mark Webber, Red Bull - Renault RB7

    The Red Bull Advertainment Equation

    Advertainment works by association. What do Red Bull's marketers want consumers to associate with Red Bull? Excitement and energy. What's exciting and energetic? Sport. But not just any sport. Extreme sport. Ergo:

    What's the message? Red Bull gives you the energy (and courage, and craziness) to jump from space. Also, Red Bull supports people pushing the boundaries of exploration. Who wasn't awed by Felix Baumgartner's incredible space jump? And of course there's the Red Bull logo for all to see.

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  • But wait, there's more!

    Ever wonder why so many television advertisements use that old standby? It's not just some weird tradition or in-joke. It actually works. But why does it work? Because it makes use of the power of surprise.
    guy surprised


    Remember the last time you were startled? How about the biggest surprise you've ever had? What goes along with surprise… well, let's see: strong emotion, elation (if it's a happy surprise), a change of behavior, and often a feeling that the event is unforgettable or at least won't be forgotten soon. All these are things marketers pursue in the name of their products and services.

    This article breaks down studies that show surprise remains one of the strongest tools in the marketer's kit. So if you run a marketing agency, get your team together and brainstorm how you can deliver an authentic surprise to your customers.

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  • In a technology-driven world, online branding may be one of the most important steps in creating a successful business. If you are unable to market your brand online, it will be an uphill struggle for your company to survive.

    Google”s ever-changing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires online businesses to take advantage of tactics for diversifying online branding.

    webinar poster

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    Diversifying involves creative initiatives to increase the return value of your site and the information floating around the vast cyberspace.

    In Las Vegas, agencies encourage tactics, such as webinars to showcase expertise and value. They also emphasize using online demos, which allow a customer to experience a free trial or sample of a service or product. Enticing email marketing and online forums increase SEO as well.

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  • Sandy Koufax - A Whole New Blue

    Source: usatoday.com via Anne on Pinterest

    New part-owner of the LA Dodgers and basketball legend Magic Johnson generated big buzz for his baseball club this opening day by scoring an opening pitch from Sandy Koufax. A Dodgers legend and a Hall of Fame athlete not usually known for his public appearances, Koufax's first pitch started the season on a high note.

    The buzz didn't stop there. Before Sandy Koufax made his appearance, the Dodgers showed their hometown crowd a video featuring Los Angeles sports legends and Hollywood celebrities tossing the baseball to each other.  Including Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Wayne Gretzky, Britney Spears, Samuel L. Jackson, Matthew Perry, and others, this video brilliantly marketed the Dodgers as LA's team, much to the dismay of the Angels.

    The Koufax event was in the works for months and the team's marketing reps recruited throughout Los Angeles, looking for the perfect team to complete the opening day video. The mini-movie bolsters the club's marketing theme for the 2013, and showed it's fans, that the LA Dodgers are “A Whole New Blue.”

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  • User-generated

    content makes up 80% of the Internet, ranging from YouTube videos to Instagram photos. With so many of the web's users expressing themselves, marketing agencies are finding clever solutions to “get an ad in edgewise.”
    No! THe future is collaborative marketing

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    Getting Consumers Involved

    Collaborative marketing is a major shift from marketing at consumers, to marketing with consumers. It's about inviting customers to participate in the ongoing growth of a brand.

    How it Works

    The reason that collaborative marketing has been so successful is that consumers enjoy providing brands with endless amounts of feedback. These enthusiastic consumers have jumped at the chance to offer brands with ideas, insights, and content when given a forum. Many customers then become outspoken advocates for the product or service.

    The Future of Marketing?

    From Facebook ads to Crowdtap, collaborative marketing is the most exciting thing in online branding. If your company isn't reaching out to consumers for input, you might want to give it a shot.

  • In a world that now revolves around the human relationship, it’s not enough for a brand to simply show up in the marketplace, demand attention and start taking orders. A brand has to be someone – someone credible, someone interesting, someone meaningful, someone worthy of a relationship. Consumers are human and humans relate to humanity – all of the qualities and conditions of being human. Without humanity, a brand cannot truly understand, empathize and relate to consumers. It cannot be invited to share that personal space where wants, needs and desires are kept. It cannot get close enough to consumers to earn their trust, create ties that bind and become an integral part of their lives. Without humanity, a brand is just another logo on the shelf, another object for sale in the marketplace among thousands of other inanimate objects. We discover, nurture and actualize the humanity in your brand. We integrate these qualities and conditions throughout the life of your brand in every consumer contact, communication, connection and interaction. We engage your brand in a lifetime of genuine, fulfilling, human relationships. We create more than a something consumers want to buy. We create a someone consumers want to know.